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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Take Off You Knob :: The Strage Brew Soundtrack

One of my favorite movies ever. Strange Brew. If you don't like it the first time you watch it, try watching it eighteen more times. Here is the Soundtrack. It's actually new dialog recorded with some of the score mixed in. It has the theme song with and without sound clips. I heard they tried to make a sequel a couple of years ago called Home Brew but was dropped for legal reasons.


Check out the record sleeve art of their newspaper The Daily Knob. It is great.

I thought I'd also include the art to their first album The Great White North and the 45 of Take Off. This is on cd and you should pick it up.


Sea Change said...

I LOVE Strange Brew!!! I haven't seen it in ages, either. People need to watch this movie if they haven't already. Absolutely. That is so awesome that you have all this stuff on here!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff, eh...

Anonymous said...

so that's where that t-shirt design came from... sweet!

Tony said...

Have you had anybody else mention
that the files are downloading really slow, or is it just me? I can usually get 100 meg to download in around 30-45 minutes, but this is telling me that it will take hours! I was just curious because you have some really cool stuff here that I'd like to get if I can. Thanks!

brainwerk said...

Try again. That day had lots of traffic.

Anonymous said...




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Anonymous said...

Take off you hoser !!
Thanks fer the Great White North Stuff.