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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Volume 4 Is Ready - The Munsters!!!

I have for you Volume 4 of Check The Cool Wax and it's called Famous Munsters of Songland. 63 tracks of Munster goodness. The cover is an obvious nod to the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine for those that may not know. I've been planning this CD for a long time, and Halloween seemed like a good time to make it. It has been my favorite TV show for a long time. I still laugh out loud. Here is a collection of themes, sound bytes, TV spots, trailers and random tracks from albums. A big thank you to some of you out there that may have unknowingly donated to this mix. I have a couple of tracks on here that I've downloaded from others over the years and have no way of knowing where they came from. Enjoy everyone and Happy Halloween!

10.17.07 OK everyone. I've switched the file host to RapidShare. Tell me how this one is. I didn't realize that FileHo changed the way they do things and use an .exe installer.

10.17.07 Part 2. Switched to MediaFire.

10.17.07 Artwork now posted.

10.18.07 Fixed Part 1 - Did it work?

10.18.07 I had to break part 1 into 2 parts...

11.28.07 Download links fixed again

06.30.11 All files reposted into one zip file


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Almost Done!

Volume 4 of Check The Cool Wax should be done here in the next few days. It is called Famous Munsters of Songland. Themes, clips, trailers, TV spots, etc. Good stuff and in time for Halloween. Long live The Munsters!

Here are some samples.