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Friday, April 07, 2006

Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella

Here is a great children's record. It's Jerry Lewis telling the story of Cinderfella. Basically the story of Cinderella but with Jerry in the lead named "Fella." This story is just like the Jerry Lewis movie of the same name, but has been shortened. What is really cool is that it's not just clips from the movie, it has been completely re-recorded (with new songs) to fit on to two sides of a record - approximately 22 minutes. It's great. The album cover has a gate fold with a game inside. It also had a read-along book that is missing in my copy. A baton was also included so you can conduct the orchestra.


After posting this Cinderfella record, it got me thinking. Most people will think I'm a glutton for punishment for buying this 10 DVD set, but I'm a Jerry Lewis fan. I said it. I am. My brother Bill and I have always watched Jerry Lewis and/or Dean Martin movies as long as I can remember. Not all of these movies are home runs. I'll be the first to say that. But most are great. The Nutty Professor is one of Jerry's best. These are from long before Eddie Murphy made his two incredibly un-funny movies of the same name. Jerry Lewis wrote and directed himself in this hip sixties romp. It also stars a really hot Stella Stevens. The premises is about the same, except Jerry is just a science nerd that turns ultra cool and not a fat guy that turns good looking like Eddie's character. Cinderfella is another great one. Basically the story you heard above on the record but longer. You can find laughs in all of them. It also has one Martin and Lewis movie called the Stooge. Not their best but fun to watch. I'd say get this set if you are a Jerry Lewis fan. If you are not, you just may hang yourself half way through these movies... Jerry can get a little (a lot maybe) obnoxious. If you just want to check out one or two movies, pick up The Nutty Professor or Cinderfella by themselves because you can buy them as single movies for around ten bucks. I'm still waiting for The Geisha Boy to come out on DVD, it's my favorite.


Anonymous said...

I too am a huge fan of the Lewis box! My wife even lets me watch it -- provided she's not home.

What I like best about it is the commentary on the Jerry-directed films, wherein Jerry and Steve Lawrence crack up at all the gags. Jerry keeps saying "wait'll you see this one!" And Steve keeps saying "wunduhful!"

"The Ladies Man" kills me every time I see it. It's wunduhful...

Anonymous said...

Another BIG Jerry Lewis fan here!!
His best work in my opinion are the movies The Nutty Professor, The Bell Boy, And The Ladies Man.

brainwerk said...

Good to hear from other fans. Anyone know if another Jerry Lewis box set is coming out? I really want The Gesha Boy and Rock-A-Bye-Baby.

Sallie Neal said...

I am a huge fan as well. I have most of his dvd's, as a matter of fact, I'm watching the Bellboy now!

I also love some of his lesser known films such as Hook, Line and Sinker and Three On a Couch. Any Jerry Lewis flick will hold my attention!

Princess LadyBug said...

I have been a fan since I was a small child. I guess it was kismet because I now work for MDA. I've seen all of his movies at least once, but most of them I've seen 3 or 4 times. I'd say that "Cinderfella", "The Geisha Boy", and "Family Jewels" were probably my favorites.

Thanks for posting this!

Jackie Gleason said...

I grew up in the 50's and Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis was my world. It killed me when they broke up.

But, Jerry's movies are still hysterical. Faves are "Geisha Boy," "Nutty Professor" and "Cinderfella." So, this album is a plus.

If you want to hear Dean and Jerry's radio shows from the 40's, go to my OTR web site for them.

Thanks for this post.

PS - yes, my mom named me after Dean Martin.

Jackie Gleason said...


My Jerry Lewis-Dean Martin radio shows link is actually

The full OTR link is