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Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Fixing Links

Hang in there guys and gals. I'm still fixing links and re-uploading music. I guess I didn't realize so many links were dead... One of my servers is now gone and I think about 3/4 of my records were posted on it. If a link is dead, drop me a message and I'll try and get on it. Please be patient and stop back again. Pretty soon the links will be fixed and it will be time to get back and post new stuff. Stay sharp!


VertigoJon said...

Sorry for your troubles! I just saw that you had "Spidey Super Stories" available... any chance to get a working download link? Amazing site! Thanks for the fun and memories!

SomethingWickedProductions said...

Just found you! Awesome work, I really appreciate it. Any chance you could get some of the Halloween and Christmas stuff up? Your compilations are the ones I'm eager to hear. Thanks again!

brainwerk said...

The reposts will be coming. The Halloween and Christmas posts will have to wait until closer to the holidays. Thanks for stopping by.