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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cheers Thanksgiving!

I thought I'd continue the tradition I started last Christmas and post some TV soundbytes for Thanksgiving. When I thought about doing this, this episode Thanksgiving Orphans instantly came to mind. For all sorts of reasons, the gang of Cheers are alone for Thanksgiving so they decide to have a Thanksgiving meal at Carla's. Tensions start to rise when the turkey takes forever to get done and it ends up in a food fight.

Thanksgiving Orpans - Season 5, Episode 9. First aired November 27, 1986

First Thanksgiving Away

Norms Out

Off White


What We're Thankful For

Thanksgiving Castoffs

The following soundbytes are in the Thanksgiving episode, but they can actually be used with your Christmas soundbytes.

December 25th


Open Your Heart

Seasonal Blues

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I loved the Christmas soundbites you posted last year and look forward to what you might post this time around.
Do you think you might post some Hogan's Heroes soundbites? I know they didn't do a Christmas show, but I found this on a fan site:

Q: Was there ever a Hogan’s Heroes episode in which the Heroes celebrated Christmas?

A: There was never an episode solely devoted to the Christmas holiday period, although there were two references to the holiday. One was in Episode #6, "The Prisoner's Prisoner," in which the "Mighty Hogan Art Players" sing carols to celebrate an early Christmas for "prisoner" Roger C. Carmel, who has been led to believe he suffers from "shacklitis." The other was in Episode #126, "The Big Picture," in which incriminating negatives of Colonel Klink are returned to him by an anonymous friend (Hogan) as an early Christmas present.

Sounds like there might be some good stuff there!