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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

Sergio has a new cd that is causing some buzz and I'm really happy for him. I'm really glad to see him get credit he deserves. But I'm not here to pump his new stuff. I'm here to hype Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66. This is what started it all. A great mix of Latin beats + lounge + sexy female lead singers + elevator music... The album is great, so of course, it's out of print. He has always been a guilty pleasure, but definitely not for everyone. If you are going to buy a cd, a great starting point is their Greatest Hits. Here are a couple of tracks so you can test them out.


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Barry said...

A great album, but actually where it all started was with "Brasil '65" featuring the lovely Wanda de Sá on vocals.

Check it out:

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Wanda also out out an album in the 60's called "Vagamente" that is well worth tracking down...