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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Six-Pack Family Plannin'

It's about time. Southern Culture on the Skids is putting out a live cd. I've probably seen them five times and they are always a hoot; flying pieces of fried chicken and oatmeal pies everywhere. Here is a picture I took of Rick, the lead singer, and my cousin John. How can I describe them? Hillbilly + Blues + Country Twang... Remember Otis the drunk from Mayberry? It would be his favorite band if he was alive today. If you pre-order the cd at Yep Roc Records, you get three extra live tracks. Get it!

Here are a couple of my favorite songs. Shotgun from Plastic Seat Sweat and My House Has Wheels from Ditch Diggin'.


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BenT said...

Great Blog! I can't believe I just discovered your blog.. I'll have to bookmark and link to you from my blog next time I update.

One of my fans surprised me at the last Comic show I tabled at with a gift of the new SCOTS live CD.

It's a great listen!

If you want a unique SCOTS CD, I recommend their album Zombified which I got at one of their live shows. Last time I checked, it was still available for purchase at the YepRoc website.

It's a whole CD of Swamp-Rock Halloweenish tunes.