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Monday, September 18, 2006

Cycledelics :: Crazy Wheels

I'm lucky I don't get paid for this because I'd probably be fired by now. I lost my notes on this one so the band name might be misspelled... It's my brother's 45 and I don't have it in front of me to get the exact info. The record is a dusty 7 inch with no sleeve. The band is The Cycledelics (that is the name but there my be a different way to spell it) and the song is Crazy Wheels. The song is not sure if it wants to be surf/drag or psychedelic. It will grow on you.



Anonymous said...

This was used as a commercial jingle in the late '60s. I don't recall the product, whether it was in fact called "Crazy Wheels" or something else. A Google search got me nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Some of the commercial jingle version of this song has come back to me. "_______ is making a bicycle tire...Red, Blue, Yellow...Crazy Wheels." It was an ad for various colored bike tires aimed mainly at boys with "StingRay" (Schwinn) style bicycles. I still do not remember the manufacturer.

Mark West said...

Crazy, blue, yellow
Crazy and green making the scene around
Goodyear is making a bicycle tire,

mikelinpa said...

I was Googling this because I remember that commercial.
we were talking about stuff we did when we were kids, and someone mentioned some other bike tire thing. Made me think about it again. Little snippets of my childhood memories.

Anonymous said...

Hi any chance you would fix the broken link on this? Dying to hear this... Thanks!