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Friday, September 29, 2006

Sour Notes & Other Delights

Keeping with that Tijuana sound... Here we have The Frivolous Five. It's pretty funny. When Whip Cream & Other Delights was still a big album, I'd have liked to put this one on the turntable at a party and watch peoples reaction. Here are six tracks from the album complete with a Beatles cover.



Anonymous said...

These sound fun too, you know what my next question is don't you?

Well any chance of the full share please?


Bear From Delaware said...

Actually 2 Beatles songs, Taste Of Honey was on their first LP.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear this album in full actually.

brainwerk said...

Sure. I'll post the entire record.

Anonymous said...

Dear brainwerk,

Looking forward to hearing this album in full.

Anonymous said...

Great sound man!!!!
We want more of these ones!!!!
Thanks thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

First, just so you know, I found you through the Secret Cavern of Read-Along Adventures, which I heard about through the Power Records Yahoogroup. Next, I'd also like to be able to hear the whole album whenever you can post it. Thanks.