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Thursday, October 26, 2006

At Home With The Munsters

The Munsters are hands-down my favorite tv show ever. I can laugh at episodes I've seen ten times. Fred Gwynne, who plays Herman, is the biggest reason it hits with me so well. Everyone in the show is great, but Herman is excellent. For Halloween, I'm going to post a bunch of Munsters stuff. What I'm posting today isn't the record though. It's a rip from a cd that I bought at a comic book show about five years ago. Here's At Home With The Munsters that includes a theme song with words.



swarlock said...

The Munsters were and still are my favorite TV show characters next to The Addams Family And The Groovy Goolies.

Thanks for sharing this. :)

Bast said...

So cool! Thank you!

Reverend Bill said...

Great post man! Hot-Rod Herman was always my favourite - look forward to hearing this! Thanks!

snoopy1960 said...
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Dave said...

Could you reshape this one pleased