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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spidey Super Stories

Some groovy stuff here from The Electric Company and Peter Pan Records. It's Spidey Super Stories as told by Morgan Freeman and other cast members from kids show from the 1970's. These short stories have ridiculous plots and are totally wacky. It's really fun. Remember Spidey's guest spots on the show? I've attached a segment at the end of this post. And YES, that's a real John Ramita (Sr.) autograph on the bottom right of the cover.



Tom Ray said...

The best part of the videos is thats Morgan Freeman singing the intro. And of course doing the voice over but what doesn't he voice over.

Becca said...

Oh my god, I had completely forgotten about these! Thanks for posting.

Super Audio CD Man said...


I was wondering if you had a record that my little brother had as a child. This record included the songs, "Tippy The Tiger", "What's In The Elephant's Trunk", "Gerry The Big Giraffe" and "The Unicorn". The Unicorn song was dull, but the others were hilarious. I used to laugh my head off at this one. If you could post that record I would be forever thankful.

- threerandot
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Pratl Power said...

Thanks again...a REAL Romita Sr. sig?? amazing in and of itself - he's my favorite artist.

Mr. Craig said...

Super stuff! Cool wax indeed. I've got some spidey stuff I'll post sometime aswell.