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Monday, October 23, 2006

Tell Me What I Wanna Know

Some months ago I posted some songs from Telly Savalas. Back then someone asked if I had the song Who Loves Ya Baby, based on his million dollar catch phrase from Kojak. I didn't have it then, but my brother found the 45. Here it is. It's groovy man.



Anonymous said...

many thanks for this post.

by any chance would you have a track ntitled "Maybe Its..." that was recorded by Esther Rolle (from the Good Times tv series)?

An obscure request, I know but thought I would give it a shot...

thanks for such a great blog!

Anonymous said...

You should post his cover of "Something In the Way She Moves" -- a classic!

Anonymous said...

The Esther Rolle track is available here:

It's there under January 16-31.