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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jerry Lewis :: I've Had A Very Merry Christmas

People who have visited here for a while know I'm a big Jerry Lewis fan. I know he isn't for everyone one. Love him or hate him, you just have to love this song if you love Christmas music. This is from an out of print Jerry Lewis cd called The Capitol Collector's Series.



swarlock said...

The link to The Jerry Lewis tune isn't responding.

Sallie Neal said...

I looooove Jerry Lewis. I'll keep checking for the link.

Anonymous said...

Another big Lewis fan here.
Thanks for this...and thanks for all
your hard work!!

Shalanna said...

I am the BIGGEST Jerry Lewis fangirl ever. Why is that CD out of print? Can I bribe you for a copy, or bribe someone?! *Aaughh* I have taken a lot of heat over the past forty years over being such a JL fan, but it never has stopped me from doing the Telethon and whatever else I could to support JL and his causes and endeavors. A great man, and someone who actually has accomplished A LOT of cool things all his life. Come visit my LiveJournal sometime at shalanna at livejournal com and we'll visit about the wonderful JL!

Anonymous said...

Hi again. I was again wondering if you could please put the Jerry Lewis Christmas cd back up? thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello. It's me again. I was wondering if you could please put the Jerry Lewis Christmas cd back up? I would love to hear it being a big fan myself. Thank you