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Monday, December 04, 2006

Whoa Ho Ho!

Yikes. Heavy downloading has eaten up all of my bandwith. I had no idea I'd receive this much love at Christmas time... The bandwith has been severely throttled. I may have to switch to Rapidsare or something like that... Trying to figure it out. Hang tight and thanks for visiting. My suggestion is to try and download stuff at night (for all of you U.S. people at least). I have meierjo working on it as we speak. He is the exclusive computer support for brainwerk studios. We'll figure something out.

UPDATE: Complete crash. Might be a while until I'm up again.

UPDATE 2: Slowly getting the files back up. Using a service called File Ho! Please tell me how they are downloading. Thanks.

UPDATE 3: A bunch of links are back up. Sorry about Rapidshare. I know everyone hates it but it's the only one that wasn't crapping out on me. I'll get the non-Christmas links back up after Christmas.

UPDATE 4: OK. Rapidshare may suck. But at least it's reliable. I've tried three other one-click sites and they've all had problems. So Rapidshare it is. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Don't go with Rapidshare, they have really crappy limits on their downloads. Try another site like

Anonymous said...

Get back soon Brain! We're pulling for ya!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the baby! Don't worry about the downloaders, we'll take care of ourselves.

Chester said...

Another rapidshare alternative is

check out a list of one-click hosters:

Anonymous said...

Nerd update from meierjo:

The server hosting the downloads:
4 CPU 2 Gb ram, RAID 1 system disks and RAID 5 data - the system disks took a crap on me. It's been up for some 2+ years, and when I rebooted one of the system disks wouldn't spin up. BAH humbug!

Then a real Christmas treat - when resyncing the good system disk with the hotspare - BAM! we lost the good disk.

Oh shucks. Taking this opportunity to reinstall a different OS and set the whole thing back up. Might be a few seconds before we're back online!

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is possible for someone who has all of the christmas songs to setup a torrent?