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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Um... I Don't Think So...

In my newest issue of Blender magazine, I came across an article called Rock Star Wars. It has been an on-going monthly series set up in a bracket-style contest to find the best Rock had/has to offer. I almost shit when I read The Talking Heads beat Elvis. Sorry. No. The Talking Heads were a very inflential band, I'll give them that. I will agree to Elvis being beaten by The Beatles or Dylan or maybe even The Stones. What you see above is one of the four brackets. Prince, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Talking Heads(?!?!) still remain. How do I cancel my subscription?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

Dave said...

That is pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

How do James Brown and Britney Spears even get into the same competition?

swarlock said...

No question about it. The people who do charts for The Record Companies are complete morons.

It would've been worse if Britney outdid Elvis. But I digress.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I canceled my subscription to Blender the first year it came out. Right out of the gate this magazine had such incredibly flawed information and opinion on so many topics. When a magazine purports to provide insightful opinion, these kinds of we're-obviously-unfamiliar-with-the-subject-we're-writing-about errors are unforgivable.


Anonymous said...

What, you never heard of an upset?

Anonymous said...

Long Live The King!!

Anonymous said...

Radiohead lost to James Brown????

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this forecast IS true.
I can tell you as a musician,
that Elvis sold more songs he did
NOT write [HE never wrote a song]. His myopic view of music
was a joke to himself by the mid-1960's. Conversely, David Byrne
and the Talking Heads have covered
more area in kinds of pop music,
wrote their own material, and had
a spin-off act that actually outsold most acts of the day.
Tina Wheymouths "Man w/ 4way hips"
[used in a recent Mariah hit]

Sure, the Heads are SUCCESSFUL intellectual art school types [unlike the beatle's art school stints], and Elvis is about as
stupid as any American success
has ever been.

Unfortunately, since the advent of
CD's, music has had its "last nail"
in the coffin.

I suggest listening to many of the
varied Heads recordings that ARE still beyond todays music, and it seems, always will be.

I own every Heads and Elvis LP, so
I know what I am saying.

At least James Brown wrote lyrics.

Think of it, Elvis and James Brown
really NEVER played a note toward their 'success'.

I'd rather visit David Byrne than
Graceland, even if Byrne wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter wether someone wrote their own stuff or not. I hear that wayyy to often when it comes to Elvis Presley. The fact of the matter IS, if it was not for Elvis, you wouldn't have ever had the Beatles, Stones, OR The Talking Heads etc. Elvis has sold more records than any SINGLE atist in recorded history. AND is very close to over taking the Beatles. Give it'll happen.

Anonymous said...

i think the real sad story here is that an amazing collection of 20th century anglophone artists from all kinds of styles were set to battle on the "rock" field. this whole "rock" paradigm, where the beatles must fight dylan in the final, is really about white baby boomers and their narcissism in thinking that they are the pinnacle of culture. the truth is that the grooves on which these people depend all come from deeper places. if public enemy makes the bracket, where is the robert johnson so idolized by zep and clapton, where is muddy waters, where are the jazz musicians who taught rhythm and blues how to go crazy? why is prince the only black artist who made it past the quarter finals? i forgot, blender is from the makers of maxim.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Velvet Underground vs. New Order!? Is that a joke or what? VU was with the Beatles (but for different, almost opposite reasons) the most influential band ever.So I 've never read Blender, but this kind of competition seems a bit strange.
Elvis was great. Without him, the whole history of rock would have been different.That's all!!!

ciao ciao