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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Music To Read Bond By :: Various Artists

Staying with the spy theme a little longer. Music To Read James Bond By. A compilation from the Sean Connery Bond era. The two songs posted here are different versions from the movies.

UPDATE: All songs from the record have been added.


X Esquire said...

Any chance of posting the full track list? This has been one album I've been dying to locate. Great album choice...

brainwerk said...

No problem - If you want me to post any others, I'll try and get them on.

Ferrante & Teicher - The James Bond Theme

John Barry - 007

The La Playas - Underneath the Mango Tree

Sir Julian - Black on Pink

Perez Prado - Goldfinger

The Leasebreakers - Living It Up

Al Caiola - From Russia With Love

Monty Norman - Jamaica Jump Up

Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger

LeRoy Holmes - Golden Girl

John Barry - Girl Trouble

Dick Ruedebusch - The Elegant Venus

X Esquire said...

I have the Barry / Bassey tracks, but I'd kill for the others if you get around to it. Thanks again.

brainwerk said...

Will do. It may be a few weeks though. I've just ripped a ton of stuff in to post. I'll get to it though. I'll shoot you an email from your blog when they are up.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these 2 songs!
are the rest of this LP different versions as well?
i got all Bond original soundtracks from 60's-70's and apparently interested in different versions, mixes etc

brainwerk said...

About half are the same versions as the soundtracks. I'll post the alternate versions.

Matthew said...

I have this record too! Oh MAN, I'd forgotten how snazzy a listen it was! thanks for reminding me! :D

iggy said...

Thanks BW. Been looking forward to this one. And I look forward to checking your blog. All the best,


Anonymous said...

What year was this album first released?