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Monday, May 22, 2006

Persuasive Percussion 1966

Here are two really good songs from a record called Persuasive Percussion 1966. My guess is that these are studio musicians hired to make a record that really utilized the new hi-fi sound of 1966 record players. What they made was some really good swanky songs.



Anonymous said...

How about the whole album?

It would go well with all the other Space Age Pop that's on offer at

brainwerk said...

I'll try and post the whole thing. Sorry for only posting portions of albums right now. I just don't have time to rip all of them.

deltasleep said...

On any given untitled Command LP, if no artist or band leader name is given, you can safely assume it's Enoch Light and the Light Brigade. They did the others in the Persuasive Percussion records, in fact, "Persuasive Percussion" is the first title that Command ever released. That record was also the first gatefold LP ever made, as Enoch Light had so much to say about the recording and tracking process that he wanted more space. The records were typically sold as accessories to hi-fi systems, much as SACD and DVD-A systems often have a CD rack next to them.
The level of musicianship and recording quality on Enoch Light records hasn't been surpassed since these records were made, in my opinion.