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Friday, May 26, 2006

Welcome Summer

Because Memorial Weekend signifies the kick-off of summer, I'm posting one of my favorite album covers ever. Water skiing and playing his organ at the same time. Lenny Dee has some of the wackiest music out there and I love it. Happy summer.



Anonymous said...

I love this record! And the cover blows me away--anyone who would hitch their Hammond to the back of a motorboat, while decked out in casual evening attire, (and their dog) has got to be pretty rad..

Roman said...

What a great cover! I would like to listen to the whole album. Too bad, that you only ripped one track. Do you know, where I can get the whole album? By the way: How did you do the graphics in the header, your text in the Living-Stereo-style? I really love that!