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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Out!

Just got this in the mail from Amazon today. The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collection Volume One. I can't wait to start watching it and see if they did a good job at cleaning it up the eight movies. I'm a little bummed out that this came out with such little fanfare. I knew it was coming out but I couldn't find it anywhere so I had to order it online. I know Dean and Jerry are nowhere close to being popular but with all the crap that comes out, I'd think the top box office draws for a couple of years might show up somewhere. I couldn't even find info on it at the Paramount website. Anyone have any info on Vol. 2? I really want this set to sell at least enough for them to finish out the volumes. My favorite Martin and Lewis movies are the last ones. I'd like to go through all of these and pull of the Dean and Jerry songs.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, dude like real soon Dino's goin' to be everywhere. Have you read how EMI has just gotten the licensin' rights to Dino's name and image? Have you read how Joe Mantegna has acquired the rights to create a big screen Dinoflick of Deana Martin's Dinobio, "Memories Are Made Of This?" Just wait a few man and everything's goin' to be DINO!!!!!!!!!

mel said...

It's interesting to know that Paramount omitted "At War With The Army" from this collection (this movie has fallen into the public domain). What a pity they could not have overlooked this fact and included it.

Regards - Mel.

mel said...

Well, Brain here's one to start the ball rolling - it's "A Day In The Country" from their last movie "Hollywood Or Bust".

The download link is:

Enjoy - Mel.

brainwerk said...

HA! Thanks Mel! I love that song and I love Hollywood or Bust. Can't wait to see them digitally remastered, if it ever happens. I also with At War With The Army was on the set.