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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where Has This Been My Whole Life?

Are you like me? I love classic TV, and this time of year I'm usually combing the TV Guide or doing tivo searches for Christmas episodes of my favorite shows. Well look no further my good friends. This could be the handiest Christmas TV tool ever. The TV Zone has an ass-kicking list of pretty much every Christmas special airing this year. Check it out. Without this list, I would have never known about the Christmas episodes of Knight Rider AND Card Sharks airing on December 24...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link and the fantastic "Sanford & Son" / Andy Griffith TV Christmas photos!


Sallie Neal said...
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Sallie Neal said...

This is awesome! Every Christmas season, I sit down at the computer with pen and paper in hand, and spend the afternoon writing down every Christmas episode I can find airing on tv. Ever since TV Land started their Merrython in 2000, I spend much of my Christmas vacation taping shows.

At last count I am at 16 tapes of shows (6 hours per tape), ranging from Father Knows Best to Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I watch them every year!

I'm glad to know there are others besides me that do the same!

Bast said...

Awesome. Thanks for the link!