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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yuletide Disco

Christmas is a time to get down with your bad self. Listening to this, you can get the feeling you are spending the holidays on the Love Boat having some eggnog with Issac. We have a couple different disco Christmas albums and this is our favorite. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

I love this album! Ever notice how "Mirror Image" sounds suspiciously like "The Mistletoe Disco Band," "The Disco Belles" and "The Roller Disco Orchestra?"

Actually it's all the same music, packaged with different covers by the good people at Pickwick records. If you can find the Roller Disco Orchestra's 2-record set, Non-Stop Christmas Disco Party, that has all 20 tracks in one place.

Fog said...

Awesome! This is Fantastic Stuff! I'm just listening to Good King Wenscelslas (scuse the spelling) and it's rocking my world!

Anonymous said...

I love Disco Noel by Mirror Image and cannot find it in a downloadable format anywhere. I own the vinyl, it's fab.