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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Beatnik's Wish

Here is a song from a record previously posted here at Check The Cool Wax. It's called Beatnik's Wish. I thought I repost it seperate from the whole album. If you are looking to download both albums, I'll fix the link after Christmas.

UPDATE: I totally goofed up and had the wrong song loaded. It has been corrected. Download again for the correct song. Thanks to SWAK!



christmas-card-clearance-oRp said...

Awesome thanks! P.S. Found you through google search engine.-------------------christmas ornaments

Scott said...

I love this whole record. Anything Beatnik, I'm for!

Anonymous said...

I really wish you wouldn't use rapidshare. =(

swac said...

I just downloaded this, and it seemed to be Edd Byrnes' Like I Love You.

Or maybe I just heard it wrong?

brainwerk said...

No. You're not hearing it wrong. I had the wrong song uploaded which made me discover that I had a bunch of the songs on the album labeled wrong! Eeek! Correct song is upload and whole album will be available after Christmas.