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Friday, December 08, 2006

Tijuana Christmas

Yes, it's the record you see at almost every Goodwhill. This will sit nicely next to your downloads of previous novelty/Herb Alpert knock-offs (Sour Cream & Col. Sanders). Here is The Border Brass with 4 Mexican-fueled favorites.



grant xv said...

Great post man, remember this one from when I was a kid. Big favour - could you post the rest? It would be so cool to see the folks' faces on the big day when the turkey's brought in to the tones of the Border Brass - Keep on bloggin' - Grant XV

Anonymous said...

Great reliving those songs again...I have not heard these in 20+ years! Takes me back home to the holidays of my youth...I wish you would post the rest of the tracks! I cannot find them anywhere on CD or on the net!

Shea Douglas

Anonymous said...

You can get the complete album here

grant xv said...

I can't thank you enough for posting this album, you are going to bring a lot of happiness to one little group on Christmas Day, especially shared laughter. What ever your faith I wish health, wealth and happiness to you and your loved ones - Keep the spirit alive - Yours gratefully, Grantxv

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you and I had the same set of parents!

ToddTrumpet said...

Having just taken up the trumpet, this was one of my favorite Christmas albums growing up as a kid. I had every tract and part memorized.

As an adult, after everything went digital, I actually paid to have someone transfer my old album to CD, shipping it all the way to Florida from California to have it done!

Nowadays, it's been ripped to my iPod.

I never knew you could find it in every Goodwill store. I actually thought it was quite rare.