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Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm looking for a good software to remove pops and maybe enhance sound. Anyone have any suggestions? I tried a couple and I don't like the finished product. I'd rather have authentic record pops than faded electronic blips in the mp3. Please drop me a line or leave a comment if you use something that you are happy with. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Sound Forge is the best.

Inkydog said...

I have tried about 5 different packages, not including Sound Forge. The one that has consistently worked the best for me is Wave Corrector. It does a great job. I have also tried DC Art, Wave Repair, DePopper, and Nero, but they don't compete.

By the way, the stuff on your site is so great, it kills me that there are only a couple tracks from each album.

Tommy B. said...

I use Sound Forge combined with the Waves Resortation plugin and it is truly the mutt's nuts for cleaning up old and dusty vinyl. Get back to me if ya need more info or a "demo".


The Impaler said...

I use CoolEdit Pro (the old version, before it became Adobe Audition). Works pretty well for me, check out any of my 3 blogs and you'll hear the results.

Anonymous said...

I use Cool Edit Pro too