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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spread A Little Bad Music Around

File under To Clear Out A Party. Peter and Marsha Brady recorded a record together in 1973. Apparently they received the most fan mail so it was only obvious that they should... I guess the Brady Six just didn't quench their thirst for rock stardom. There are so many background singers and production that you really can't make out either of their voices. I can't help but feel sorry for Barry Williams when this came out. You just know that this killed him.



Anonymous said...

I just found this so sorry for the delay in commenting.
Anyway, I had no idea this existed.
I'm not sure if this came out before or after the other Brady Bunch records, but I had read Christopher Knight could not sing at all and didn't even sing on ANY of the other Brady Bunch albums. So this really is a bit odd. Can't wait to hear it though.
Is there anyway the entire album could be posted?

brainwerk said...

I'll rip it in and repost.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!