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Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Mayberry Style

Christmas comes to Mayberry and makes for one of the all-time-great Christmas sitcom episodes. Andy and Barney can't leave prisoners in the jail while they have a Christmas party, so they bring the Christmas party to the jail. An ornery old coot from the town keeps causing problems until they realize he just wants to be part of the festivities. It's great. Pass me some of Aunt Bee's mashed potatoes please...

Christmas Story - Season 1, Episode 11. Aired December 19, 1960.

Got Another Bunch Of Christmas Cards

Plans For The Party

That Sounds The Best Santy Claus I Ever Heard

Andy and Ellie sing Away In A Manger

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CartoonSteve said...

I think right after that second one, Andy says: "Hey Barney, say something like Santy Clause" - to which he begrudgingly replies "ho ho ho". It made a good Christmas greeting for my answering machine.

Thanks for all your uploading.