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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas On The Green Acres

Mr. Douglas has been dreaming of an old fashioned Christmas for years but just can't seem to have one. Even when he finally moves to the country it seems he just can't get it right. Well not this year. He's cutting down a real tree and celebrating it the right way. The rest of the town shows up at the end to look at his tree but they all high-tail it out of there when Lisa brings out the homemade fruitcake.

An Old Fashioned Christmas - Season 2, Episode 13. Aired December 21, 1966.

It Ain't Christmas Without A Tree

Is That What You Are Going To Give Me For Christmas?

What Does This Look Like To You?

Which Tree Is Better?

This Is Going To Be The Best Christmas We Ever Had

Arnold's Never Seen A Real Tree

Mind Your Own Business

An Old Fashioned Christmas Cut Short

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