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Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Partridge Family And A Pear Tree Christmas

Knucklehead Ruben booked the family a gig on Christmas Eve in Vegas. While driving back through the desert, the bus breaks down in a deserted town. Well it's almost deserted. One old guy lives there and tells stories of the town's heyday - bringing the family into a flashback. David finally get the bus running again fixing a gasket with an old inner tube (right...). As they are leaving, the old guy get bummed out and the family doubles back and spends Christmas with him Bonaduce-style.

Don't Bring Your Guns To Town Santa - Season 2, Episode 23. Aired December 17, 1971

Rotten Luck

I Wish We Could Tell Santa Where We Were

Danny Show Up To Save The Bell (Flashback)

Santa Found Us Without The Bell (Flashback)

Can We Open Our Presents Now?


Phillyradiogeek said...

I have the album THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARD on vinyl, and it's surprisingly good. It has one original song and the rest are covers. WEll produced, well sung, and not nearly as kitschy as I expected.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I believe "I Wish We Could Tell Santa Where We Were" actually is "Rotten Luck." Any chance you might be able to update the link? Thanks in advance!

brainwerk said...

Your're right! Link has been fixed!