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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas With The Fonz

This is one of my personal favorite Christmas TV episodes. The Fonz brags about going to his cousins house for Christmas but Richie sees him eating ravioli out of a can instead. The Cunningham's trick Fonzie into coming to their house saying to celebrate by telling him they need help fixing their yard Santa. A real tear jerker! The best part is Fonzie reading Twas The Night Before Christmas. If you only download one file below, download that one. Happy Days indeed.

Guess Who's Coming To Christmas - Season 2, Episode 11. Aired December 17 1974.

This Christmas Is Strictly For The Family

Ralph, Potsie and Richie's Mistletoe Trick

Fonzie's Christmas Gifts

Fonzie Can Fix It

Merry Christmas Fonzie

A Christmas Tree Gotta Have Lights

Fonzie Reads Twas The Night Before Christmas

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Dat ol' Varmint said...

Thanks so much for the Christmas soundbytes.. I'm so far behind keeping up with everything. Have a Happy New Year!!!