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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Three's Company Christmas Bash

Our favorite threesome is going to have a Christmas party because the Ropers are out of town. To bad all of their friends are going to the Steven's party in the next apartment complex. No worries. The Ropers come home early and they make plans to have a nice quiet Christmas Eve with them. After making the plans with the Ropers, they get a call from the Stevens inviting them to their party. What can they do? How about try and get Stanley blitzed so they can go to the party that they really want to go to.  A pretty good episode even though there is no Larry... He was probably scoring down at the Regal Beagle.

Three's Christmas - Season 2, Episode 14. Aired December 20, 1977.

Jack's Mistletoe Invention

Why Don't We Open Our Presents Now

Jack Tripper Singing Jingle Bells

The Gift Of Sox

Christmas Snow

My First Christmas Away From Home

What Do You Want Me To Do?

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Alice said...

THANK YOU for this! When we were little kids in the early 80's, my lil sister and I recorded this episode on a VHS tape and watched it every year into adulthood. We throw lines from this silly show back and forth the way people quote Princess Bride and Star Wars.