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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Very Brady Bunch Christmas

Up next is The Brady Bunch. A classic! Carol loses her voice a week before Christmas and it's feared she can't sing in church at Christmas. Cindy asks a department store Santa to bring back her mommy's voice. He agrees and Mr. Brady has to lecture him. Alice whips up a smelly home remedy concoction that just may work... It does! Oh Come All Ye Faithful!

Take a look at these decorations. I want to live there. That's why I posted so many images. Look at how they decked out that house!

The Voice Of Christmas - Season 1, Episode 12. Aired December 19, 1969

You Lost Your Voice!

Be Careful, They're Fragile

Oh I'll Never Forget You Sonny

He's Better Than A Doctor. He's Santa Claus!

Where Would Be A Good Place To Hide The Presents?

Make Sure The Girls Don't Catch You

Let's Skip Christmas

Carol Brady Sings Oh Come All Ye Faithful

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