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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Modern Stone-Age Family Christmas

Just too many great visuals from this episode to show two or three... Fred Flintstone gets a part time job in a department store to earn a little extra cash for Christmas. He is a failure at almost every job they assign him until the store Santa gets sick and Fred sits in. It's a perfect fit! He's so good in fact, that when the real Santa is too sick on Christmas Eve, he recruits Fred to deliver the toys for him. There are two songs that Fred sings in this episode; Christmas Is My Favorite Time of Year and Dino The Dinosaur. Both of these songs are in the out-of-print set Hanna Barbera's Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics so I don't need to post them as soundbytes. Fred does sing a shorter version of Christmas Is My Favorite Time of Year at the end and that is posted below.

Christmas Flintstone - Season 5, Episode 15. Aired December 25, 1964

It Sure Gets Exciting Around Christmastime

The Windows Are Loaded, It's Me That Isn't

Fred Gets The Best Job In The Store

These Little Tikes Sure Get To You

Nice Work Flintstone

How Come You Got Hired To Play Santa Claus Fred?

Tonight We're Going To Meet The Most Popular Man In Town

Fred Meets The Real Santa

Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of Year (Reprise)

Nobody Can Ever Tell Me There Is No Santa Claus

Merry Christmas

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this: they don't show the Flintstones on free television anymore so I really appreciate your postings!!! Merry Christmas!!!